Its a sunday…

Many things can be taken for granted. Loved ones, material things, and moments. Ever stood on top of a hill and looked down at the countryside and just taken in that moment? Realising beneath you, thousands of people go about their business with no means of knowing that you are up there. Does it matter though. You achieved. No matter how high the hill you reached the top of it. Your allowed to take in the natural beauty of it all. I kinda dislike the people at every social gathering when ever anything happens they have to take a picture and post it on social media. By no means am i exempt for i was and have done this. They click and they post, for likes from friends and randomers. To perceive to the world that this is what their life is like all the time and to pretend that their life is perfect all the time. We all know we do it we all know we are aware of it. But why do we continue? Whats the need the train of thought? Perhaps the fear of being forgotten and losing ‘friends’. We should just live in the moment and be thankful we have these moments to even start with…


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