Societies Legacy

How do we know what is wrong and what is right. Our parents? Teachers? Peers? Public leaders? During the developmental age growing up we develop a moral compass and ethics and morals are bestowed upon us. These generally come from who we are most close to and interact with the most at this age. This is what we get told. Additionally there are environmental factors as well. Where it be from a school environment, hanging around with friends or stuff that we see and that is impressed on us from the media.

I do believe firmly in the above, but id also like to believe that we  all have that moral compass inside of us and that we would know what was right and wrong without much guidance growing up. We see what consequences our actions bring every day on resulting people/things whether they be positive or negative. For example making a cup of tea for not just yourself but someone else at work can brighten their day. They would be more likely to do the same for you in return. Sharing your favourite toy as a kid with another instead of keeping it to yourself, allows another being to share in that enjoyment that you do.

Touching upon a point earlier that was made about being respectful to your elders. That influences me even today. When i used public transport i always would try and put myself at the back of the queue to allow the older generation in front. One because i had been told to respect my elders, and i had seen other people do it. I didnt have to, but i felt obliged to and that it was the right thing to do. In my head when i think about this, i understand why we get told this. An older person generally has much more life experience than you, has dealt with more issues than you, has come out the other side and probably would of suffered some sort of loss. More life experience deals to more wisdom and our older generation should be respectfully used for the advice, life lessons and experience that they have gone through. Its a sign of respect. In another blog post i will discuss this in more detail about an event that happened to me. The example is this. Earlier this year i met someone and fell in love. Instantly there was a connection, however 3 months later found them cheating on me behind my back. The fact that even when he was confronted he lied, but more of that, another time. I withdrew into myself to the point where everything else that was going on at the time made me bestow myself into a self inflicted depression, which spiralled and spiralled until i got to where i am today.

The meaning of this story was that i went through what hundreds of millions of people have been through, and us as the society that we are will continue to go through at times, indefinitely. However, instead of withdrawing into myself and shutting myself off from everyone i could of talked to my parents, who had been through a similar experience. My best friends who are a few years older could of been relied upon for help and support. This is just one example others would include, getting a house for a first time, finance, holidays, and generally how to make ends meet. (All of these i have personally talked to my elders i.e parents and older friends about). Our older generation have a wealth of experience that i feel a lot of my generation oversee’s and adopts the ‘i know better’ attitude with a complete disregard for elders.

Another point i believe that was impressed upon me from a young age, was learning the consequences of war and the affects of natural disasters. Ill never forget the 2004 boxing day tsunami on the news. i can hear my mothers voice now saying ‘you have no idea how lucky you are’. Its a point i think is quite valid to alot of people of today. Until we actually experience some sort of conflict or get caught up in a humanitarian disaster will we ever truly know what its like?

Particularly poignant would be this time of year where we remember the millions of people that have died in armed conflict around the world. In particular those of the first world war, and its 100 years since armistice. Those brave men and women that have fought for the right of our country to be as it is, and governed how it is deserve our utmost respect. They gave the ultimate sacrifice and as a result so many families were torn apart. Mothers lost sons, sisters lost brothers, boys lost fathers. We should never forget also the brave woman that serve as well in the military, and how far we as a society have come in terms of equal rights, but also how far we have to go, and should go. We as a society are so lucky, and should be very thankful

We’ve also come a long way in terms of recognising same sex marriage as equal to a ‘straight’marriage. At the end of the day love is love, what does it matter that a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman? Were all the same underneath, no matter what we have in life and who we choose to spend it with, we all end up in the same box. Society still has alot of mixed opinions about these issues. There are still countries around the world were same sex is illegal and carries serious consequences. Why do we as a human race have to be so judgemental? Being part of this minority group encompassing the LGBTQ society i feel incredibly lucky that i live in a country that if i wanted to, i could hold my partners hand walking down the street, and for me not to pay the price for it. People shouldn’t be labelled or judged for their sexuality, rather for who they are as an individual.

I guess in conclusion, i feel that some of my generation need to make more of an effort to encompass those morals and values that i know we all have. It doesnt matter what your skin colour is, what your sexuality is, whether your rich, poor, or disabled, everyone deserves to live their life in a safe way. In a way where they are without prejudice or discrimination, where we are all kind and humble to eachother, and in a world where everyone can be given a chance to succeed.



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