Well i guess here we are…

Well you guessed it. First post here it be. I mean what are you really meant to write in these when you have no idea what you want to write, or rather ‘type’ about??? The weather is sunny but the wind is bitter? How awfully british of me.

Forgive the unmistaken non-clarity that this blog will take. Rather like an unfamiliar roller coaster, this is what this journey will be. I have no clear path, it will be full of twists and turns, but hopefully it wont come to a stop. Id rather like to say im in a famous coffee shop sipping on a named cup with my double soy milk latte with a smattering of nutmeg dust encased in a cardboard cup, for such reasons i need to dash and ‘takeaway’. However the reality is im not. Stuck on a sunday afternoon with not much to do after my duties of my career, i decided to start a blog with a proper cuppa.

This year has been rather testing. Rather brutal. Physically, im in better shape than i ever have been before, but emotionally taken a battering. This year started with change of place for work. One that i did not become accustomed to or enjoy. Second was meeting a certain someone who i fell in love with and they subsequently cheated. Additionally the change in career for me not being happy in the position i was in and the following changes to that. Problems arose with my family, but sometimes realising that you can deal with your own issues, safeguards your own feelings.

But, however not all doom and gloom. Out of this sudden murkiness of no certainty, not knowing if i was coming or going, being seen or noticed i met my partner of today. Now its been 6 months, ive changed my career and my heart has been mended. Good things come to those who wait.

So anyway, where were we? The random ups and downs, the random future twists and turns of this blog? Yes. Expect that. For even i know not whats going on.


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